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The Vinland paddle is made from hand picked old growth  clear red/yellow cedar to understand why this paddle wood is so special see the old growth link.
why buy a Viking paddle, it has a map of a lost Viking kingdom that existed in the pacific i000 years  ago.
the design on the paddle is old ,Its a island on the most famous map in the world 1000 year old map of the most
vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)famous island in the Viking history. Vinland the good

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Vinland is a mystery an island far to the west of Greenland . trees the size of houses huge salmon no snow on the shore and during winter. it was a time when the north was ice free. Erik was looking at the north west passage  ice free and he had a Viking ship capable of sailing to Vancouver island. its hard to understand how theses Vikings could describe something they theoretically could not reach. at least that's what we are toldsteveceder.jpg (256195 bytes)
wpe5B.jpg (9133 bytes)To better under stand the map go to the Vinland page. 

Our wood is all taken from
Eco salvage logging practices.
see Eco logging

vanislandf.jpg (1760 bytes)vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes) the map has a lock so to unlock the mystery flip the paddle and see the island in its true form.

then if your curiosity gets the best of you come to bamfield and experience the mysteries the Vikings 1000 years ago.