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wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)The heart

We all know how to draw it, but were does it come from.
History tells us it comes from Euro/Asia.
petroglyph1.JPG (49018 bytes)If we go even deeper back in time we can find it in Egypt.
This petroglyphs, a heart, comes from the Columbia river in America.
What's even more amazing is the heart petroglyph  is a artiest rendition of a cave. also in America
ssmt4.jpg (11860 bytes)

Indian legend claims the dome of rock in the cave is a miniature mountain set in a heart shaped frame of rock. As you can see the mountain's shape is identical to the cave and as the setting solstice sun shines on its slopes, it gives a golden glow.
One thing the legend says about the miniature mountain is"perfect in every detail".

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)

petroglyph1.JPG (49018 bytes)wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)So what is the heart doing in America.

According to a shaman[speaker], this cave was created before the time of the Indian culture . they call the builders the people from the beginning of time and claimed they were a pale bearded people.
The petroglyphs was obviously done after the cave ,probobly by the same race of people. if we  trace the heart back in time, from England to Israel to Egypt to the Columbia river and finally to Vancouver island we should find the  place it  originated.
according to the old story teller willy, this cave is a temple the natives call the house of thunderbird. He claimed they would go to the cave and prey, they would look in to the pool and see images.

gm5.jpg (135531 bytes)

Summer solstice, a event big in ancient times, stone hedge, and many ,many other forgotten empires had solstice events. In this cave  the setting sun shines in and light's up the miniature mountain turning it to   gold, identical to the mountain.
mend11.jpg (18630 bytes)and willy the speaker claims the only peopls who will under stand its meaning is the realitives of the people who created it. He claims it was done trough the art of illusion this is more then coincidence or a whim of nature and   believe it or not, the image of a bearded man  appears on a wall in the back of the cave.
this is not a Miracle, if we study European cave art  you will learn about the art of illusion, this is how the old store teller claims the cave as created .IN france there is a cave were the image of a horses head appears from themend11.jpg (18630 bytes) shadows of the lenterns placed on two ledges.[see the creative explosion]menf.jpg (23254 bytes) The same thing happens here, the man is set on a  granite wall and just before the sun sets, it    lights up the wall which is  engraved in such a way as to create shadows. the shadows create a little man , below the little man is the image  of a bearded men's face. the  legend can be found in the legends of Vancouver

But wait theirs more, as i said the old Indian claimed this place was were the shamans would go to prey, and they would see an image in the pool. the image in the pool will be the mountain  upside down, so first lets look at the miniature mountain up side down.reflection.jpg (12783 bytes)

1navigation_temple.jpg (7969 bytes)   It looks like a temple with a face to its right.
If we look at the image in the water what we see is another mountain , this one is visible from the cave , slphoto3.jpg (332077 bytes)again a pyramid ,light up on the left. if we move slightly to the right knell down on a small rock out crop the Pyramid is all we see.[ picture not developed yet] for years I have waited for a windless solstice day , this year it happened .slphoto3.jpg (332077 bytes)At 8:30 there appears to be a shadow identical to the top of the mountain, then at 9:00pm the pyramid appears to be fully golden.
The elders call this mountain the sleeping lady.
In the cave I found my self standing in front of the massive sunken statue of the mountain.with the water lapping at my feet , at 9 p.m. the image of a temple  appears in the pool. by 9:30 every thing returns back to normal.[see robert graves ""A journie to paradice" ]

sl1.jpg (2624 bytes)clippyramid.jpg (35612 bytes)I could say what we have here is a lost ancient white Kingdome , the problem is ,its not lost, its right there. A place it has been since the people from the  beginning of time made it.and a place it will always be. there is one thing to remember, this city ,if it is one,  is a mere pin speck on north America. and to find it you would have to look exactly were it is, on the top of that mountain, a place were know one has ever looked, a place were the Indians claim there is bad medicine . menf.jpg (6032 bytes)This mountain is old growth forest but creeping up the front is clear cuts, and one day the pyramids will be found, not by me or and archeological team but by blasting a hole in the side of the pyramid for road building. this is one of the last nearly un touched paradises left on earth and its demise will be the result of the  endless pursuit to clear cut the last remaining temperate old growth forests in NA.wcman1.jpg (12924 bytes)
mend11.jpg (18630 bytes)A pyramid  is not supposed to be on Vancouver island. In schol we leaned a long time ago , the only people who ever set foot on this island, before European contact ,were Indians and they never built pyramids north of Mexico. so there for, according to the scintific community, it can not exist even if its there.

Kennewick man is a skeliton thet some say can not exsist, he is a 9,400 year old white man that died on the columbia river nearly 10,000 years ago, could this be his home and could these people carved in stone be his family. menf.jpg (6032 bytes)
my thoughts is, why not and if these people could create this city on top of a Mt,  then they could build a boat and sail  it up the Columbia river with Mr. k.m. on board and he very well could have fallen over board only to be found nearly 10,000 years later. my guess is, if they could have found him, they would have taken him home for a proper burial. its  10,000 years later I think  Mr. K.M. should be taken to his original home   for his burial so he can rest in peace. slphoto3.jpg (332077 bytes)