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1navigation.jpg (6563 bytes)WELCOME TO THE VINLAND  CEDAR HOME PAGE steveceder.jpg (256195 bytes)
clipbutterfly.gif (5253 bytes)If you are interested in
buying Eco friendly wood visit
The Wood link.
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If you want to buy a locally  carved Vinland paddle hit.
Vinland paddles.

If you buy the paddle you wi
ll support my communities efforts to promote  secondary industry and Eco friendly selectively logging.                           

---To see how we selectively log go to the ECOLOGGING   link.

---To see us beach comb hit salvage

---To see  our
Eco saw milling operation hit the sawmill link .

---The tiny town I live in is very unique and can only be described as paradise. For info on bamflied follow the VINLAND TOURS link. If you decide to visit bamfield , I recommend my tour in the Venice of the pacific.  

If you want to learn more about the forest visit my mill site for a Eco forest workshop

To learn about A revolutionary new tree farm license within my comminutes forest follow the bamfield hay-au-aut community forest


To see the  the largest tree in the world, hit the
general link

It's a sequoia 40 feet in diameter, 265 feet tall.
So old, It was probably a young tree when Christ was a child.